Bonjour. Sawadee. Namaste. Hello! Thanks for dropping by. I’m Cristina, a 30-something Canadian based between Toronto and the World. I quit my job in TV journalism to travel, volunteer, and write about it.

My Story

My journey began in 2007 when I made a last minute, impulsive decision. I skipped college graduation, packed (an embarrassingly) massive suitcase and headed on my first solo trip over the ocean. I started in London and moved my way through 16+ countries and 28+ cities in Europe on the cheap.  It was a life changing experience that pushed me outside of my comfort zone and altered my perspective on passion and purpose; life, possessions, and happiness.

I eventually did go back to Canada. I got a degree in Journalism with a focus on International Development and worked in TV as a field/chase producer, writer, and reporter. But the career hustle, bad stories, and the 9-to-5 drained who I was. I stopped learning. I lost passion. I lacked purpose. So I turned down my dream job (twice) to create a life that better fit my values for world experiences, a global education, and real stories.

How I Travel and About this Blog. 

My travel style has changed since my first solo trip. My travels are now slower, longer, and more local, usually settling and living in a place for at least a month. I travel minimally, with a carry-on only (because we really don’t need as much crap as we think). And it’s no longer about budget travel but better travel – compassion, connection, and being conscious of the social impact I can have in the places I visit.

This blog is for anyone who shares my passion for local travel, social impact and a good Latte. It’s about cultural experiences, local connections, and finding ways to make a positive impact when we travel – of course, along the way, with renewed perspective and delicious coffee to fuel the soul.

happiness comes, not from things we own, but from moments we have, connections we share, and exchanges we experience. 


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