Thanks for dropping by!  I’m Cristina. Traveller. Journalist. Volunteer. With a love for this incredible World. While I started this blog out of my passion to travel, it has since become my happiness project, to break from conventional living and create a more meaningful journey.

My Story

In 2007, I made an impulsive, last minute decision. After spending $30K on a degree (and a little reluctance to enter adulthood) I packed up and headed for my first solo trip over the ocean. Getting up close to culture, people, poverty, adventure, and fear, I realized there is an education out there we’re not getting in textbooks or reading in the media.

I graduated in Journalism with a focus on Political Science & International Development in hopes of, one day, using my travels to volunteer my way around the world. I worked in television news as a field and chase producer, writer, and reporter but I later turned down my dream job twice.

if you could rewrite the story about your life,

what would it look like?

I decided to re-write my own script of stories that are more positive, not negative. Empowering not disempowering. Instead of chasing news, I’m now chasing my passion for travel and experiences, a location-independent life and stories to help mobilize others for social change (check out my series Travels for Social Good).

About this blog

Chasing Travel focuses on authentic, local experiences, and slow travel through Europe in ways that connect us to local people, places, and culture. And discovering, along the journey, that

happiness comes, not from things we own, but from moments we have and the simple things in life.

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