Sleeping in a Bamboo Hut

I had just spent four long days bedridden from a (bad) stomach bug. I almost thought my body caught a parasite and I was eating nothing but dry toast and ice cubes. Dan, my husband, stayed by me through my whole recovery. Except the day he spent at a toy museum to get a selfie with Homer Simpson. We needed a well-deserved weekend away from the chaotic city that Bangkok can be. We would miss our beloved Thai food on Soi 29 which our friend Ian introduced us to, but Bangkok was not treating us well.

We headed southwest to the resort town of Ao Nang, Krabi near the Andaman coast. For two tranquil nights, we lazed around on sandy beach, by limestone cliffs, teal blue water, and completely disconnected from work and the world. We got back to the basic.

Aonang Baan Suan Resort

Aonang Baan Suan Resort Krabi

I mean really basic.

We’re not luxury people by any means. We’re happy with the little things. We stayed in a teeny tiny bamboo hut at the Baan Suan Resort. We shared a thin mattress on the floor, cold showers in the morning, one clothesline, and a tiny electric bulb. And maybe a few ants crawling here and there too.

We felt remote, minimalist and simple. I’ve learned about myself over the years, that this is how I feel most relaxed. Going back to the basics reminds me how grateful I am, of my time travelling, of what I have, that my body can be healthy again. It reminds me that shutting down the gear and getting off the grid from time to time to recharge is important.

bamboo hut

Laundry day

Aonang Baan Suan Resort

The tiny bar

Aonang Baan Suan Resort

Aonang beach

Aonang Krabi

Me trying on hats at a shop

Back to myself! Playing dress up in the town shop


We also couldn’t get enough of these cliffs and this view!

Krabi beaches

Krabi’s backdrop – pretty limestone cliffs


Krabi beaches


Where: Aonang Baan Suan Resort 230 Moo 5, Saithai, Muang, Krabi
Budget: $17/night which we booked on Airbnb. You can use my Airbnb referral code to get a discount on your next trip.
Wi-Fi: Yes, but only at reception