Our New Airbnb

Not too long ago, we made an exciting announcement. Dan and I took our biggest leap yet. We bought an apartment in Budapest! We turned our once crazy idea into reality.  If you’re a traveller you know, there is always that one city, country, continent, or place in the world that calls you. For us it’s Europe. We spent years travelling here – so much so that it feels like home whenever we return. Especially because we usually stay in Airbnb apartments.

We love the idea of the sharing economy. The trust, the spirit, and the openness that we’ve received from complete strangers around the world still amazes us. We’ve gotten so much out of Airbnb staying as guests so now, we’re super excited that we’re about to change things up for a bit and be Airbnb hosts! We can’t wait to give to other travellers as much as we’ve received along the way.  When we’re not in Budapest we have decided to share our new place with our family, friends, and other travellers while we are away.

We absolutely love our new cozy little apartment! It’s our new home away from home, and we hope others might think so too!

Best Budapest Apartment

Our new apartment in Budapest!


Since buying the apartment, we returned to Budapest to make a few more fixes here and there. First priority? Super high speed WIFI! We hooked up our internet with Telekom even before our water and electricity (we have both now). We also added plenty of extra charging outlets for all of our devices because it’s a pain in the ass when you’re fighting for outlets in an Airbnb. We freshened things up with some new decor, wall art, and colourful pillows. We even stocked up on good local Hungarian wine (because our favourite Airbnb homes have been the ones with free booze in the fridge).

We finally listed our Budapest apartment on Airbnb this Summer. Our friends Katie and Geoff at Wandertooth were our very first guests in July and we have been booked up ever since. There are still a few final finishes we want to make but in the meantime, if you plan to visit Budapest (we highly recommend this city) ping me!

Best Budapest Apartment

The best Budapest apartment we could ask for!

Our new comfy bed.



Our new apartment

Dinner nights in and morning sunrises.


airbnb budapest apartment

5:30am sunrise!

Can You Help Us?

I really want to make this the best Airbnb apartment to stay in Budapest so I’m looking for some cool ideas and asking all my readers. Help us design our new home! Leave a comment below with your ideas or tips.

Have you ever stayed in an Airbnb before?

What was the coolest thing you’ve had in an Airbnb apartment?


Don’t forget to find us on Airbnb! We hope you can give a little ‘heart’ and save our awesome new place to your Wish List.