The Medieval Town of Ferrara

Have you ever visited a town that takes you back thousands of years?

The UNESCO World Heritage town of Ferrara is one of the best-preserved places in medieval Italy. About 50km north of our apartment in Bologna, we had fallen into enchanting quarters with ancient arches, city walls, and old cobblestone roads that wind and rarely go straight. This city will really transport you.

Medieval Ferrara


Medieval Ferrara


I fell in love with the small balconies of local apartments on our walk through the neighbourhoods of Ferrara. The windows look out to enchanting street life down below.

Medieval apartments and balconies in Ferrara


While Bologna is famed for it’s old porticos, Ferrara is graced with beautiful, old arches. Via Delle Volte is the oldest street in Ferrara (and possibly in Europe). Locals have been walking under this ancient arch and along these old cobblestones since 1152. Ferrara is also home to the oldest wine bar in the world.

Via Delle Volte, the oldest street in the medieval town of Ferrara


The cathedral was built in 1135 and stands as one of the symbols of the city.

Ferrara Cathedral


In Ferrara we met this lovely shopkeeper working away. He holds his shop door wide open for passersby like us and before we knew it he welcomed us in.

A tailor in Ferrara


Ferrara truly takes you back in time and for that it is not like any other town I’ve explored in Italy. I highly recommend experiencing this part of Emilia Romagna and taking the path less travelled to Ferrara. When you do, book your stay with at Ai Frutti di Una Volta. It’s a quaint little B&B run by a lovely couple Marco & Roberta. They let you stay with them in their home, with farm-to-table breakfast and their own locally grown fruit tarts and desserts. I stayed only one night with them but I left feeling like I was already family. Read my review on TripAdvisor.


I was a guest of the town of Ferrara along with the Emilia Romagna Tourism Board during my stay for the BlogVille campaign but, as always, all opinions are my own.


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