The Oldest Wine Bar in the World

The depth of history in the small medieval town of Ferrara is impressive. You can walk one of the oldest streets in Europe or take in the striking detail of the cathedral from the Middle Ages. Then step into the oldest wine bar in the world!

The oldest enoteca in the world


Enoteca Al Brindisi has been uncorking wine circa 1435. Their old wooden booths are surrounded by floor to ceiling shelves of dusty old wine bottles from around the world. There must have been thousands in this small little enoteca! I recommend asking Federico which bottle he recommends. He’ll climb the ladder and dust off the perfect one for you. It reminded me of the time I visited the oldest wine cellar in Rome.

Enoteca Al Brindisi


Enoteca Al Brindisi


Federico is passionate about wine


We dropped in for aperitivo where you can pair their wines with the local cheese, fresh cured meats or the traditional twisty bread of Ferrara called ciupéta.




I was a guest of the town of Ferrara along with the Emilia Romagna Tourism Board during my stay for the BlogVille campaign but, as always, all opinions are my own.

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