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  • Fun fact: rabbits feed on strange things like tree bark and banana peel. But don't feed your rabbit coffee. It's more delicious for humans #latteart #ChiangMai #nimman #satanlatte #thisbunny
  • This is the reason I don't do Starbucks: Coffee cooperatives like @akhaamacoffee. A social enterprise that seeks to empower local tribe communities and the Akha people in Northern #Thailand. Coffee here is locally-sourced and direct from the farmers. Every cup you order supports 20 families in the Maejantai village whose main source of income is farming. Beans here are natural and organic for less than 100 baht ($3). I'm very careful where I spend my money. MNCs is not one of them, especially when I know my tourism dollars can go along way. Every drop in this cup helps sustain somone else's living, how great is that? Plus, they do really cool latte art. #coffeeculture #ChiangMai #sustainabletravel #socialimpact #giveback #latteart #instagood
  • We've been livin' and lovin' life in Chiang Mai since we got here in January. I forgot how much I miss this city. This time around I've been cafe-hopping. And discovering that #ChiangMai has one thee most creative and eclectic #coffeeculture in the world. This one is from Khagee, which means to be green. Fittingling so - coffee here is single orgin or Thai blend, roasted on site using their own local Thai beans from Northern #Thailand. Few people know Thailand actually produces their own Arabica coffee beans - locally grown, harvested and picked from coffee farms in mountainous regions like Chiang Rai and Doi Chang. I've tasted my share of coffee throughout my travels and this is some of the best in the world! Flavourful, never bitter, and goes down silky and smooth. It's the kind of cup where you don't need to add sugar. My prediction: alongside Brazil and Colombia, Thailand is about to become thee next place for coffee travel #latteart #coffee #cafe #local #sustainable
  • Riding into the emerald green lagoon of #kohhong #krabi #Thailand #wheretogo #openmyworld #instagood #beautifuldestinations
  • #longtailboat #Thailand #openmyworld #beautifuldestinations
  • One of the most interesting kinds of transportation.  This entirely wooden, handcrafted little rickety boat makes island-hopping so much fun! What's the last mode of transport you hopped in? #longtailboat
  • A lovely surprise. We decided to go for a morning hike. Only to stumble on our own #secluded beach #deserted #kohlipe #Thailand #openmyworld #stayandwander #beautifuldestinations
  • We found our favourite family run restaurant in #kohlipe on Sunrise Beach. We've eaten here at least once a day - the best panang curry and Thai chili fish where your feet are in the sand while you eat, and overlooking this view #pictureperfect #Thailand #nofilter #openmyworld #beautifuldestinations
  • Sawasdee from #kohlipe. After a long personal time off (from public life, social media and the blog) this is a much needed trip and our first real trip in a long time.  It's been a relaxing few weeks and the perfect spot to reflect on a new year, new goals, and new adventures to come. I am excited about what 2018 will bring and can't wait to begin sharing with everyone again. Thank you to everyone who has stuck around. If you're planning your next travels,  i HIGHLY recommend it here! I promise you've never seen turquoise clear water like this! Koh Lipeh is Thailand's most southern and (nearly) secluded island in the Andaman. I say "nearly" because people are quickly discovering this secret island that is only about 2km by 1km. It still feels remote, you can walk across to the other end of the coast in less than 15mins, and for now tourists are few. But i suspect it won't stay this way for long. Thank You @seeusoontravel for the tip to visit here. #thailand #nofilter