Portugal’s Secret: Pasteis de Nata

Hop on Tram 15 from downtown’s Figueira Square or Comercio Square or take the railway train from Cais do Sodré to the small town of Belém for the creamiest, softest, (and oldest) custard-egg tarts in all of Portugal.

Pasteis de Nata


The Pastéis de Nata is a dessert staple and the small blue-tiled shop, Pastéis de Belém, in Belém is a master at making them – actually, they make 16,000 of them each day to be exact! The result is delicious, perfectly browned and sprinkled with cinnamon. They are all hand-made on site and served warm but if you go, be prepared for a queue. Sweet tooths line the street (and sometimes around the block) for these little guys!

Pasteis de Belém, Rua de Belém 84, Lisbon


Closer to town, the temptation for pastéis de nata is in every cafe and bakery front window. I hopped in and out from one to the next without any bit of guilt. If you can’t make it to Belém, go to Pastelaria Suiça across from Rossio metro in baixa chiado, or downtown Lisbon.

Praca Don Pedro IV, Rossio Square, Lisbon


I’ll have 2 please!


Takin a bite!

Amen! for natas

Medieval history has it that the Portuguese egg pastry was first invented by two Catholic sisters at the Jerónimos Monastery before the 18th century. Here, the convents used large quantities of egg whites for starching nuns’ clothes or clearing Port wine. They learned they could use the leftover yolks to whip up sweet treats. The Liberal Revolution in 1820, however, closed down the monastery but the religious clerics vowed to keep producing their pastries and selling them at Pastéis de Belém in hopes of raising money to rebuild their monastery, which is a UNESCO world heritage site now.

Can you keep a secret?

The clerics kept the original recipe heavily guarded, and now patented under the Oficina do Segredo, (the Secret Workshop!) The guards at the Secret Workshop sign a waiver and take an oath to not disclose what they know. Today, it’s a 170-year-old secret divulged only to three chefs in the family at one time. Geez, there is no way I could keep a secret longer than 5 minutes!

Eggy and tarty goodness for €1.10


My crumb


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