Prague. Then and Now.

It’s been 8 years since we’ve been back in Prague. We missed the red rooftops, the hidden charm in a city that was (at the time) virtually off the tourist radar, and classic Bohemian architecture that makes you feel like you’ve just fallen into an old movie set.

But these weren’t the only reasons we were looking back.

Overlooking the city Prague


Back in 2007 Dan was living in Barcelona and I had just ended my two-month trip through Europe in Amsterdam. We were young, fresh out of uni, and with an urge to venture out on our own (at least for a little while). We kept in touch through email (nope, no Facebook and social media at this point, yes I know I’m aging myself now).  Summer hit and we both weren’t quite ready to leave Europe just yet. So we decided on one last adventure, this time to Prague together.

I wasn’t sure if planning a new trip together meant we were a couple again or not but we knew we loved travelling and anytime we hung out together there was always laughter. On our last night at an Irish pub we realized we didn’t want to go it alone, the solo moments we had shared separately we wanted to share with each other, and that travel (and our adventures) were much better together. I always thought of Prague as the city where we reconnected and refell for one another all over again.

One of our first selfies (before it was called a selfie).

Prague 2007


And now…

This summer we finally made it back to Prague! The city still had the same romantic charm as we remembered it. Except this time we were different – we were a couple and newly engaged! [Read about our proposal in Budapest] This second time around it felt surreal – we had never thought that the next time we would be back in this city we’d be engaged.

Eight years later, we got better at the selfie thing.

Prague 2015



We walked the same paths we took years before like the Charles Bridge and the Old Town; we rediscovered our favourite Czech foods and beer gardens too. We even went back to that same pub and the Emma Hostel we stayed at 8 years ago.






We also met new friends along the way including the most incredibly talented Petra. We are convinced Prague is one of the most romantic cities and Petra so kindly helped us capture it for an impromptu engagement shoot! We couldn’t think of a more perfect place (or photographer!) This girl has an amazing energy and joie de vivre about her not to mention some pretty mad camera skills (her blog is also loaded with inspiring travel videos that make you want to go).

Thank you Petra for capturing us (and our story) in our favourite city.

_MG_9734 kopie

_MG_0039 kopie

_MG_0124 kopie

Engaged in Prague

Sadly, I’m not sure how he puts up with my excessive indecisiveness or the fact that I need to snap at least 20 pics before he can eat his food.  I do tolerate his geeky taste in movies and toy collectibles though, so I guess it balances out.

Twelve years later, I am still so crazy about this guy!

_MG_0274 kopie

Engaged in Prague

Engaged in Prague

I often get asked how we’ve managed to stay connected for so long. I think it’s about appreciating each other for the little things. Focusing on the positive, not the negative; what they do for you, not what they don’t do; thinking in terms of “we” instead of “I”.

I also think independence is key. While we love sharing everything together, most people are surprised to learn we still retain our own hobbies, our own projects, our own friends, and our own personal goals. Even when we travel together we give each other separate days to go off and do our own thing, and we don’t feel guilty about it. At the end of the day, we make a dinner date and share how our day went. I think a partner doesn’t create your happiness but instead adds to it. They become someone you just can’t wait to share it all with. It’s like extra chocolate icing on a really tasty cake!

Engaged in Prague


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